Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manifesto Content

a public manifesto by Justin Schulte for every creative individual

All to often these days I hear the question 'what is art?' And more importantly 'what isn't art?' I understand that part of the artist's persona is a keen eye and a cynical mind, but I will never understand this rivalry that exists between artist's and their respective disciplines, especially when it comes to the war that has been going on for years between the commercial and the fine arts. Why is this? Can't we just accept that we all have a different idea of what 'art' is and try to learn from each other rather than separate ourselves. We should all work together for the simple goal of improving visual communication as well as feeding our desire to create.

Painters working with designers, sculptors with animators, commercial and fine artists working hand in hand to produce something better than if it were to be done by just one person, because the only way that we can strive to establish ourselves again as necessary is  by working together and changing that perception of what art is. Putting an end to the blind pride and  pretentiousness that is all to present in the visual community today, and instead leave your mind open to all possibilities. 

And after all is said and done we are not that different. Composition, color, texture, form, space, and more importantly concept, are all things that the commercial and fine artist deal with on a daily basis. I would argue that the only difference is the perception that ones has about what 'art' truly is.

So let us end this interdisciplinary  feud and join minds across campus and across the world. No longer will we be labeled as painter, or designer, but instead as a creative thinker united as the minds that shape visual culture. Renaissance men (and women) of sorts, disciplined in all media, or at least studying or collaborating with others from a media outside your own for the collective goal of improving visual culture and the world around us.

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